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I was hired by Access All Areas to present a film for Work.Live.Leicestershire, and new social project working in rural Leicestershire. This is my first ever piece to camera and my first time ever working as a presenter.


Here is a select list of things of done, either alone or with the others credited.

14/48 Theatre Festival, Leicester and Wolverhampton, 2014 – 2021

I’ve explained what 14/48 is and why I love it so much before. It is an absolute joy and I have taken part in 6 festivals across 2 cities, with an invitation to fly to Seattle and take part in the festival over there too.

In what other festival could I get to play and angry Lib-dem member who kidnaps, a jealous health retreat attendee who spread breakfast food over himself, the voice of Death, and a man being attacked by ghosts? Exactly.

The next one is in November, 2019, and will be the best one yet. Because they always are.

Cream Tea and Incest, Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Poster Design by Ivo de Jager

★★★★ Broadway Baby
★★★★ “Highly Recommended” FringeReview

Hey, another Benjamin Alborough project, and this one was amazing. Not saying the other one wasn’t but this one was bester. And we have the stars and reviews to prove it!

Cream Tea and Incest was my second full length Fringe show with Ben, and third overall – combining “the traditional elements of theatre with the upbeat silliness and anarchy of the comedy scene and hopefully create something original and worth seeing”. It was an utter joy to be part of, and something I’m immensely proud to have done.

Benjamin Alborough as Eddie Spangler
Eoin McAndrew as Jeffrey
Adam Unwin as Lord Wiggins
Rory O’Sullivan as Lord Biggins

Directed by Francesca Leone
Written by Benjamin Alborough
Choreography by Hector Mitchell-Turner
Original Music by Olivia Rose Deane
Sound Design by Luke Stavenuiter
Technical Management by Sam Wharvell

‘Till I Die, EmergencY! July 2017

Poster Designed by Michelle Haggerty-Wood

Written by the super-talented  Michelle Haggerty-Wood, this was a completely different project for me. Not a comedy, not involving my normal group (No Benjamin Alborough), and performed at the lovely Y Theatre as part of their emergencY nights for new, up and coming creatives.

Directed by the bearded Bob Christer

Starring Lots of people who I can’t remember because I’m a shit

Cardinal Sin, Edinburgh Fringe 2015

This full-length comedy romp does have a plot breakdown somewhere. I just don’t think it’s necessarily relevant in the slightest.

A Vatican murder mystery comedy Cardinal Sin, produced by student Callum
Humphreys and directed by Benjamin Alborough (Him again) along with three other playwrights from the University of Leicester who leant their hands to making a surreal Catholic comedy.
Cardinal Sin blended Catholicism, bees and the Wu-Tang clan into an hour-long comedy
romp through the Sistine Chapel – where a murder has taken place in the Papal
Conclave and it’s up to those already there to solve it. It made no sense, involved transvestism, and an acorn. Twas a hoot.

Jeff, Oli and the Homosexual Elephant in the Room, Leicester Comedy Festival, February 2015

Benjamin Alborough‘s 2015 Leicester Comedy Festival show. He wroted but did not act. I’m the one with the beard that looks like me.

Adam Unwin as Oli
Will Bowers as Jeffrey
Ivo de Jager as The Butler 

Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Leicester Uni Theatre, 2014.


I did loads with the LUT bunch, but this is the only one I’m going to pop down on here. Why? Because I bloody loved it. The characters I got to play, as well as work with, made this play one of the happiest moments of my life. I made friendships that have endured the years, and memories I’m not going to ever forget. Plus, I got to play with a wooden peg leg, an eye patch, and a huge beard. (The eye patch broke midway through the second performance, leading to hi-jinx and hilarity)

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