New Music for Lockdown 7 – Spiceworld by the Spice Girls

I am a simple man who genuinely enjoys trashy, awful eurodance from the late ’90s, so how is it I can find no joy in this pile of utter trash? I will be honest, that’s not strictly true though. Some of it was just less than trash. I picked this album because it seems theContinue reading “New Music for Lockdown 7 – Spiceworld by the Spice Girls”

‘Follow your feet’

I typed the title of this little essay and immediately realised that I’d become one of those insufferable improv people who uses performance clichés in every day life. Although it is very fitting when I get into the matter at hand. ‘Follow your feet’ is a simple saying with a simple meaning – if yourContinue reading “‘Follow your feet’”

Rugby Union is Better

It’s an ambiguous title, but an accurate one. Whatever you name, be it a sport, a hobby, an occupation or kinky, Rugby Union is better. It’s not a common opinion. I’d go so far as to say that it’s an opinion held only by me. But what it is an opinion that I’m going toContinue reading “Rugby Union is Better”