‘Flag-waving’ patriotism is not the route to restore a Left-wing government

I quite like the Labour party, in theory. A progressive, left-leaning party with an emphasis on protecting the rights of the workers, supporting the needy and, through social schemes, helping those on the lowest rungs of society. Taxes are funnelled into public services, public care, and public works. It’s a good idea, and one thatContinue reading “‘Flag-waving’ patriotism is not the route to restore a Left-wing government”

Brexit Marketing is Genius

Marketing is difficult at the best of times, which I why I’m so very impressed at the dedicated work being put into the pro-Brexit camp. They’re pulling out all the punches; every single marketing trick from pressure selling by adding an unnecessary time limit, to fear mongering, to just constantly throwing out content 24/7. They’veContinue reading “Brexit Marketing is Genius”

Fail, you learn quicker

I know people who are horrendously scared to fail, to the point where they are constantly anxious, over-analysing everything they do, perpetually checking themselves against their goal markers and panicking when they’re even slightly falling short. In my mind, these people are fooling no one but themselves. Failure is a key part of life. LookingContinue reading “Fail, you learn quicker”

You Shouldn’t Stop Learning

Education is treated poorly in Britain. A bold opening statement, I know, but one I firmly believe in. I’d even go so far to say that we have education backwards in the UK, where people are taught how to pass grades, rather than taught how to survive in the real world. The UK is 28thContinue reading “You Shouldn’t Stop Learning”