The Proust Questionnaire

At ages 13 and 20 the great play-write Proust filled out a questionnaire. It became known as The Proust Questionnaire, despite him never actually penning it originally. What it is good for is some self-evaluation. Knowing who you are, what you believe, who you identify with, admire, what you treasure, these are all important self-reflectionContinue reading “The Proust Questionnaire”

Fail, you learn quicker

I know people who are horrendously scared to fail, to the point where they are constantly anxious, over-analysing everything they do, perpetually checking themselves against their goal markers and panicking when they’re even slightly falling short. In my mind, these people are fooling no one but themselves. Failure is a key part of life. LookingContinue reading “Fail, you learn quicker”

‘Follow your feet’

I typed the title of this little essay and immediately realised that I’d become one of those insufferable improv people who uses performance clichés in every day life. Although it is very fitting when I get into the matter at hand. ‘Follow your feet’ is a simple saying with a simple meaning – if yourContinue reading “‘Follow your feet’”