My body, Gender and Me

CW I’ll be chatting about my weight a fair chunk and body image issues When I dress femme, I am very aware that my look is “that goth who’s off to have sex with your dad” and I’m very okay with that. I keep leaning toward ’50s style dresses, normally in black, or black andContinue reading “My body, Gender and Me”

14/48 Week 14 – End of an Era

So, as lockdown carries on and all my creative outlets are drying up, I’ve taken to writing a 5 minute monologue based on the weekly 14/48 Work From Home theme as if they were for the festival. Here is my script for the Week 14 theme ‘100 Yesterdays Ago’   A greenroom, adorned with aContinue reading “14/48 Week 14 – End of an Era”

New Music for Lockdown 17 – 666 by Aphrodite’s Child

On a day where I am seriously considering shaving my hair into a mohican because fuck it I can, of course I needed to listen to a Greek progrock concept album generally heralded to be one of the seminal psychodelic rock creations. It’s that or the soundtrack to Thoroughly Modern Millie. I’ve never been aContinue reading “New Music for Lockdown 17 – 666 by Aphrodite’s Child”

New Music for Lockdown 16 – The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit

I like folk, soft gentle folk like Laura Marling and Villagers really tickle my fancy. They’re rooted in tradition whilst still being progressive enough to not be tediously boring (although Villagers can fall foul of that at times). So why then am I struggling so much to enjoy First Aid Kit? it’s gentle, soft, beautifullyContinue reading “New Music for Lockdown 16 – The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit”