My body, Gender and Me

CW I’ll be chatting about my weight a fair chunk and body image issues When I dress femme, I am very aware that my look is “that goth who’s off to have sex with your dad” and I’m very okay with that. I keep leaning toward ’50s style dresses, normally in black, or black andContinue reading “My body, Gender and Me”

14/48 Week 14 – End of an Era

So, as lockdown carries on and all my creative outlets are drying up, I’ve taken to writing a 5 minute monologue based on the weekly 14/48 Work From Home theme as if they were for the festival. Here is my script for the Week 14 theme ‘100 Yesterdays Ago’   A greenroom, adorned with aContinue reading “14/48 Week 14 – End of an Era”