2022 in Review Part 2: Performing e.g. arsing around for attention

2022 was a good year for mucking about in front of an audience. I’ve missed having a fun time with my theatre friends without the constant fear that this will be the last time we can all play together. But what performancey things have I been doing?

Falling out of love with Improv

A man once told me that his relationship with Improv was abusive. It took his money, destroyed his self-esteem and he kept coming back, apologising and begging for more. It’s not an uncommon story either, and although I don’t particularly like his turn of phrase, I agree with the sentiment. Improv can be the bestContinue reading “Falling out of love with Improv”

This Week in TV Land V

It’s been a while, and I probably should have renamed this edition as ‘This Month in Catching up in TV Land I’, but that name would be a ridiculous mouthful. This blog will cover all the big TV moments that I watched from the end of December to right today – but I’m not reallyContinue reading “This Week in TV Land V”

This Week In TV Land III

Another week, and I’ve pushed myself to watch more new and interesting television – and that’s why this week I had planned to write about two new shows from Netflix, Mindhunter and Dark, both of which are very well shot and impressively macabre, but last night I found something on the BBC iPlayer that madeContinue reading “This Week In TV Land III”