Falling out of love with Improv

A man once told me that his relationship with Improv was abusive. It took his money, destroyed his self-esteem and he kept coming back, apologising and begging for more. It’s not an uncommon story either, and although I don’t particularly like his turn of phrase, I agree with the sentiment. Improv can be the bestContinue reading “Falling out of love with Improv”

Blogging Works Best When You Actually Write Things – an Update

Who’d of thunk it, eh? Many things have changed since I have last updated this page – a new job, a new theatre plan, 3 short plays and a sketch show pilot have been written, and I’ve started running. Running is completely hellish, but I’ve been told it’s rewarding. I’m yet to see any rewardContinue reading “Blogging Works Best When You Actually Write Things – an Update”