14/48 Week 10 – A Hermit’s life is not a happy one

So, as lockdown carries on and all my creative outlets are drying up, I’ve taken to writing a 5 minute monologue based on the weekly 14/48 Work From Home theme as if they were for the festival.

Here is my script for the Week 10 theme ‘Nothing is Everything.’


EXT – A rugged hillside, wind violently buffeting the sad bushes and fauna dotted around the barren landscape. The wind rises to a crescendo as we zoom on a small, dark bothie.

INT – The bothie is dark, but for a small fire lighting the room from just out of frame. The camera pans around the meagre provisions in the hut; just a few tins, a tinfoil blanket, a few books, and some socks airing out on a line made from vines and twigs.

A person, looking very cold, comes into view, grabbing the camera and positioning it in front of them on a tripod. They try to get the camera focused correctly, failing a few times, before getting themselves in frame.

Right, there we go.

He clicks to sync the audio

On day 6 now, and I’m still so excited about what the future will bring. What revelations I’m going to uncover. How much I am going to learn about myself.

It’s still early doors yet, no real grand damascene moments but I am still only 140 hours in. 140 hours out of the rest of my life, here in my bothie.

Y’know, I should have done this years ago. Just thrown off the trappings and baubles of our – well, your – western world. Out here, in the wilds of the hills, away from the city lights, the pollution, the noise, God so much noise! But out here? There’s nothing – no cars, no planes, no WiFi, no 5G, no people. Nothing to distract me from the constant silence, peace, and my thoughts.


Oh, I got your ‘moving-in’ letter! Thank you for that, I’ve put it up on the windowsill. It’ll be a sweet thing to look at to remember you all by – mum, dad, jack – oh and yes it will be a shame that I never see the baby grow up – congratulations by the way – but I’ve just got to do this. For me, y’know? You can always have another one if I ever come back. Reckon I’d be a good uncle.

I’m glad you’re keeping busy though and, as you put it, “putting me to the back of your mind” – not sure what you meant by that. Although didn’t I read once that was where all the most important memories are held – so thanks!

It’s been all go here too – I can’t lie. Yesterday I finally got the fire going. Yeah! Me! I did that, like your very own Ray Mears. It’s not a huge fire though, and I’m still quite chilly, but it’s a start. Nothing like your AGA though, sis. But it’s a start though right?


So what else can I tell you about that’s happened? The rat’s came back a couple times, the one that was stealing my apples, that one. Not the one that tried to chew through my shoe, that one was eaten by the hawk that lives on the hill.

Anyway, I threw Moby Dick at Granny Smith and it’s not come back. Oh, that’s what I called apple rat because I thought if I named it, I’d be more able to live with them in harmony.

Hasn’t helped. It’s just made me feel bad.

Is mum cooking her famous roast again tonight? I mean, I had dehydrated lemon slices so I’m fine. It’s what the astronauts eat, y’know.


  Nah, I’m happy. Should have done this years ago.

Just me and my thoughts.

Evaluating all my life choices and decisions.

It’s really quiet sis. Like, really quiet.

Right-o, I’d better get back to, y’know, the quiet contemplation and thinking and stuff. I’ll try and post this video out to you when I get chance.

Miss you, sis.

Published by Adam Unwin

Yeah, I write stuff occasionally, make things up on stage, and like saying words other people have written in a dramatic way.

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