New Music for Lockdown 14 – Lady Lady by Masego

For three days in a row I’ve written about different types of rock and was losing track of what this was all about. This “project” for want of a better word was not just about me listening to new music but expanding the music that I listen to. And for that reason I spent the day listening to some jazz-fusion-cum-lo-fi-hip-hop courtesy of Masego.

And yes I know it’s a bank holiday I’m still doing this because otherwise it feels like my life has no purpose. Also, yay 2 weeks.

Lady Lady is a good album, but like Gloryhammer yesterday it suffers due to the tropes of the genre.

I had a vision, the second track and first song on the album, is pure jazz fusion. High, dreamy vocals, a snare click, and gentle brass underneath everything. The lyrics talk about love and motivation and it’s all very nice. It washes over you like a warm bath, but it’s a bath that’s not quite deep enough. The treble has been turned up and there’s not much bass so it’s sounds a bit empty.

I actually prefer this album when it pushes more into hip-hop than the jazz elements, despite Masego being a very good saxophonist and uses his talent to great affect across the whole album. Lavish Lullaby flows better, the drum beat is more R&B than jazz and it really helps the whole song work. The addition of the piano underneath the chorus also makes the song oddly ethereal and dreamlike, but not without distracting or making the song transparent and forgettable.

Masego’s voice is not for everyone’s taste, but his tenor is really composed and he uses his full range a lot – you can hear him straining at a few points but it adds to the virtuosity. You can hear that he’s having difficulty and you can hear the sweat – he’s working for it and it makes it more impressive.

This album is nice – and that’s the perfect word for it. It’s perfect background music or for when you want calming down. I cannot imagine me having an argument with this as the soundtrack, not unless it was about the water in my spa not being perfumed enough.

Tomorrow, we’re going experimental again but we’re going to be leaving the instruments behind…


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