New Music for Lockdown 12 – Wonderful Rainbow by Lightning Bolt

A new day, new feelings and a new mindset. Let’s sit down and finally listen to this album


What. I don’t know what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t 41 minutes of experimental shouting, the most heavily distorted guitar I have ever heard, and noise complaints from the neighbours.

I can happily tell you from the off that this music really isn’t for me. It’s almost too ‘high art’ for me and I really don’t get it. It’s not unpleasant to listen to and as a drummer I can really respect the talent and musicianship that has gone into this – I could not keep up that level of frenzy for 40 minutes. Even during the more quiet few moments on the album the drummer is still going ten to the dozen just on quiet mode. I kept having to pause, go back, and play it again but slower to try and catch what was going on as some of the things they’re doing is just so quick.

I don’t know why this album bothers having individual tracks and titles. They all, and I’m very aware I’m about to sound like a dad, sound so alike you can listen to the whole thing in one sitting and not really know that you’ve not being paying attention and we’re now 4 songs later.

I don’t dislike the album, I feel I need to keep saying that. Dracula Mountain is probably my favourite piece, a bit long though ti may be, because it does something a bit different and reminds me of the music you get in Quake and Doom, and the drumming sounds akin to Joey’s from Slipknot’s Eyeless. But that’s about all that separates this from the rest of the album.

I’m being unkind, one track is different – the title track. Wonderful Rainbow is 89 seconds of guitar quaternotes with the vocals of someone going Da da da da in time, barely audible. It’s weird, and immediately followed by 30,000 Monkeys which the the most quintessential noise rock track in the world. It makes no sense, logically or musically, and stays at 100 for the full near 4 minute run time.

This album made me confused, tired, and wishing for a melody. Interesting is the word, but said by a tired dad at a dance recital.

Tomorrow, I will be listening to something less mad and more Scandinavian.


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