New music for lockdown 1 – Suicide by Suicide

Day one, I thought I’d start with an album that a friend rates as their favourite of all time. Naturally I expected that it would be something a bit easy to get me started after I told her what I was doing.

I was wrong.

Straight off the bat, I actually really like this album. I listened to it all the way through without wanting to take my earbuds out and never felt like a song was bad. Some of the tracks earlier on in the album had the punk rock feelings that I quite like – not heavy punk where the production feels too raw but not the polished meh on american pop-punk. I was really enjoying it and was ready to just give this album an overall good review.

Then came Jonny Teardrop.

Fuck this song.

It’s a hard listen, a screamy story about a man killing his family then himself. It’s a really *interesting* listen. The bass and drums doesn’t change for the whole ten minutes and get sucked into a repetitive hypnotic trance. But the vocals make it an absolute horror. I’m glad I’ve heard it, but I will never listen to it again.

Overall, really good start and an album I add to my regular collection sans that one nightmarish hellscape.

Tomorrow? Something I’ve never heard from a band with a name dripping with heavy metal sentiments.

Oh Sees - Orc album review: The Skinny

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