Sharpe Week: An Introduction

Every year Americans go absolutely hot bananas for Sharks. The Discovery Channels devotes day after day to the ancient fish, talking about their evolution, their skills as a hunter, then showing how you catch and kill them. In their thousands.

You can love too much, apparently.

I recently realised, in a chat with a friend, that I have never watched ’90s TV classic and Napoleonic romp, Sharpe. Starring Sean Bean and produced in the format of a dozen or so 2 hour TV Movies, from the early ’90s to 2008, all I knew of the series was that Sean Bean’s eponymous Sharpe liked to say ‘bastard’ a lot, and that he was originally meant to be played by Paul McGann. (If anyone has this footage, I will buy it off you with all my lack of money).

One quick google search later I had found a TOTALLY LEGAL streaming service and settled down to watch an episode a night for a week.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am presenting my findings to you now.  One blog post per day, you will be learning all about my Sharpe Week.

P.S. I’m aiming for one a day, but this might take a while because of life getting in the way. So we’ll see how it goes.

Published by Adam Unwin

Yeah, I write stuff occasionally, make things up on stage, and like saying words other people have written in a dramatic way.

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