Blogging Works Best When You Actually Write Things – an Update

Who’d of thunk it, eh?

Many things have changed since I have last updated this page – a new job, a new theatre plan, 3 short plays and a sketch show pilot have been written, and I’ve started running.

Running is completely hellish, but I’ve been told it’s rewarding. I’m yet to see any reward from the running besides a fancy new set of gym kit. If anything, the running has left more of a broken man; I’m continuously sore, broke, and suddenly obsessed by getting some numbers to be slightly smaller numbers. I am fully aware that if I keep going with the exercise I will be healthier – but I really should cut out the rest of the crap out that I am desperately holding on to in a vain attempt to garner superficial happiness from things I eat – I’m looking at you Beer, bread, sugar, etc, etc….

So – let me run through the new things in a greater detail, mostly so that you have a rough idea what I’ve been wasting my life doing, but also so that I can actually see what the bloody hell my life has become.

The New Job – After 2 years with Fl*g*s I decided I was very sick of the top order of middle management acting like swinging dicks, and despite how much I loved the team I worked for and my line manager, the stunningly brilliant Nick Wood, I was offered a way out and had to take it. The way out? Comedy.

Don’t get excited, I’m not performing comedy for a living (although I have also started doing Improv classes which is amazing and I have completely fallen in love with), I’m working for a Production and Media company, Twist and Shout, in Leicester, selling their comedy training series – which are genuinely funny, even though they’re about such “fun” topics as compliance training and information security. Their a bunch a rather odd, creative people who make a very silly product, and they’ve let me join in the madness, which is nice. The owner and boss of the company is very eclectic and excitable – like a puppy that’s been fed all the E numbers under the sun – and watching him go is definitely an experience.

The New Theatre Plan – Ha, “plan”. A friend, the stupidly talented Haley Thornton, and I have “started” – read ‘talked about’ – Penny Gaff Theatre, and written three short plays just to see what we can do. One of them, which Haley had all but written already before we’d even met, has had rehearsed reading at the Arena Theatre and we’ve had amazingly positive feedback. People were laughing, giggling, and actually asking us to expand the 40 minute script into something full length, which is nice. Along with our other two fleshed out, one act plays, both lead by Hayley as she’s actually the writer and I just have ideas and occasionally add in jokes here and there, we’ve been getting a pilot episode for a radio sketch show written. It’s a tad too much like John Finnermore’s Souvenir Programme for my liking, and that can be easily rectified with some basic editing, but I’m happy with it and want to get it recorded and sent out to people to get some full feedback and see what we can get from it. It’s exciting times – if we can get our arses into gear.

That’s all the ‘things’ covered. Personally, what’s new in the world of Adam? Not a lot. Kyra’s moved in completely now, which is making my spacious one bed apartment seem very cramped, and we need to move somewhere bigger. I feel happier than I have for a while, and I can’t complain about that at all.

All things seem to be going well. So now I just wait for the inevitable fall.


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Yeah, I write stuff occasionally, make things up on stage, and like saying words other people have written in a dramatic way.

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